Naya began her interest in complementary medicine back in 1998 while in the process of healing her own health crisis. Through the means of Chinese medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes and meditation, Naya was able to overcome her health challenges which had so far not been helped by western medical care.  Inspired by the depth and breadth of Traditional Chinese medicine, Naya enrolled in a Masters here in San Francisco with the goal in mind to help other people as she had been helped in her own healing journey.

Naya graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine of San Diego in 2010 after receiving a 5 year Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the state of California and her Masters program had an emphasis on Integrative Medicine so she has extensive training in Western Medicine, allowing her to practice as a primary care physician in California.  Her practice is very focused on the wellness and health goals of each individual. This medicine is very personal and each individual is treated according to their own patterns. Herbal medicine, essential oils, massage, cupping, nutraceuticals, diet and lifestyle recommendations are incorporated into every treatment plan.